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Maximize skin’s clarity


The Clar●Ology illuminating program helps treat your skin with the power of light in just five weeks. Consisting of a 3-step routine with intensive illuminating properties, this exceptional program works to fade pigmentation spots and illuminate complexion. Day after day, your skin recaptures its youthful glow and even tone. Your face has never looked so beautiful.


Complex formulation

LUX-Factor complex
The effectiveness of the Clar•Ology illuminating program is based on the exclusive LUX-Factor complex combining the illuminating properties of two plant extracts: soy and cress. Both act in synergy to offer your skin a visible anti-aging and anti-pigmentation spot action.

CMAge® complex
Formulated with carefully selected ingredients, CMAge® is the very essence of La Colline beauty care, infusing all of our products with its Hydration, Oxygenation and Protection powers to visibly preserve skin’s youthfulness.

The ritual

  • Week 1: The Starter Pre-Serum

    Apply the Starter Pre-Serum to a perfectly cleansed face morning and evening for one week. It will gently exfoliate skin to prepare it for the next two steps in your ritual. From the very first day, the power of LUX-FACTOR visibly targets pigmentation spots. And in the seven days that follow, your complexion becomes increasingly clearer, brighter and more even.

  • Weeks 2 to 5: The Activator Serum

    From the begining of week 2, apply the Activator Serum. Its role is to limit the appearance of pigmentation spots, visibly improve the uniformity of your complexion and restore its natural radiance.

  • Weeks 2 to 5: The Intensifier Cream

    To keep the glow going after using the Activator Serum, the Intensifier Cream brings softness and comfort to your skin thanks to Vegetal Glycerin and shea Butter. Day after day, visibly moisturized and smoothed, your skin radiates beauty.