• NativAge

    NativAge Le Sérum

    Rated 2.38 out of 5
    CHF 585,00
  • NativAge

    NativAge La Crème

    CHF 544,00
  • Eye Performance

    Cellular Eye Lift Essence

    CHF 154,00
  • Moisture Boost++

    Cellular Rich Hydration Cream

    CHF 198,00
  • Swiss Riviera

    Global Anti-Pollution Emulsion

    CHF 168,00
  • Advanced Vital

    Cellular Night Elixir

    CHF 396,00
  • Moisture Boost++

    Cellular Eco-Hydration Treatment

    CHF 316,00
  • Cellular For Men

    Triple Metal Serum

    CHF 329,00
  • Cellular For Men

    Cellular Revitalizing Rich Care

    CHF 188,00
  • Eye Performance

    Cellular Eye Contour Definition Night

    CHF 199,00
  • Matrix R3

    Cellular Matrix Mask

    Rated 2.33 out of 5
    CHF 145,00
  • Eye Performance

    Cellular Eye Contour Definition

    CHF 199,00

      At the heart of our skincare

      Our expert complexes are a commitment to efficiency for your skin.

      • Total area of wrinkles: -34%

      • Total length of wrinkles: -30%

      • Total number of wrinkles: -27%

      • Cell Life Extender

      • Endo-Skin Technology

      • CMAGE® Complex

      * Measurements made by skin impression, on 20 women using NativAge L'Essence for 28 days,
      with 2 applications per day

      Facial Treatments

      Thanks to its Face Care expertise, La Colline invites you to experience a treasured moment of care and sensorial pleasure.

      Our history

      Born in the heart of the swiss biotech riviera


      Lift & Light


      Lift & Light