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Committed to skin


Being better for the world

At La Colline, we believe that an organization should benefit society and take part in building a better future. This mindset guides us every day. Committed to ongoing progress, we put all our efforts into being the best possible for the world.



Improving the quality of skin grafts

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. Being both a protector of our physical integrity and a vessel of our identity, it is essential to our well-being. Through research, La Colline is dedicated to improving the quality and speed of skin grafts. Our goal is to help people who have lost all or part of their skin recover and return to a normal life.

In 2014, we launched a unique program managed by the La Colline Skin Engineering Lab. Located on the Irchel campus of the University of Zurich, our laboratory is at the heart of the Center for Applied Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine (CABMM). It develops reliable, safe, traceable and effective methods for skin repair, offering those who need more than a medical solution: a source of enhanced wellness and self-esteem.


Offering the best of Switzerland in exceptional treatments

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To durably bring ressources necessary for its research, La Colline develops its exceptional treatments, combining the highest levels of safety, efficacy and sensoriality, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by lush green hills and crystal-clear lakes.

Swiss Excellence

We have put into our products everything we value in Switzerland: a world-renowned research network in cellular biology, the diversity of Alpine nature, along with the valued and time-honored practices of precision, efficiency and safety. Our Swiss roots, embodied in all our Swiss-Made treatments, nurture the confidence of our clients who know that excellence is not declared but proven.

The full mastery of complex formulation

Our treatments are true beauty concentrates, the result of a subtle, yet precise balance between the power of biotechnologies and the efficacy of potent plant extracts, culminating in a blend of meticulously selected highest-quality ingredients. As evidenced by our exclusive complex – CMAge® – a true anti-aging elixir integrated into the heart of all our formulations. This expertise is the hallmark of each of our collections, offering the best of nature enhanced by high technology.


A journey of the senses

Each of our rituals is an invitation to experience Swiss Bliss: a sublime journey that begins with the purity of Swiss nature, and culminates in an intimate encounter with well-being and serenity. The La Colline experience starts with the application of delicate textures and finely nuanced fragrances. It continues with a signature gesture that nourishes the efficacy and sensoriality of each product. It can also be experienced in La Colline Treatment Cabins, where caring for your skin becomes a indulgent, out of time interlude.


Limiting our impact on the environment

We are aware of our ecological footprint and concerned about passing on a friendly planet to future generations. To that end, we draw inspiration from best practices in the cosmetics industry and other sectors. Day after day, our teams strive, in particular, to emphasize the naturalness of our formulations, to favor local sourcing, and to redesign our packaging, in order to provide more responsible and sustainable skincare products.