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Awaken skin’s vital energy

Cell Recharge

With each change of season, fluctuations in the environment can rob your skin of essential energy, causing it to look dull and lackluster. Bring your skin back to radiant life — in just four weeks! — with the Cell Recharge program. Simply forego your daily beauty routine for this seasonal plan – a 30-day skin-regenerating do-over with a morning and evening ritual – to powerfully restore your skin’s inherent energy and vibrancy. The results will have you positively glowing!


Complex formulation

2 energizing cares
The Cell Recharge program includes two cares, Reset Serum and Energizing Cream, both combining energizing ingredients.

Reset Serum contains Hexapeptide, Lactic Acid and Polluban Complex to help rid your skin of dead cells and micro-pollutants that can cause it to look dull, fatigued and prematurely aged.

Energizing Cream contains Borage Oil, Plant Glycerol and Shea Butter, a combination for strengthening your skin. Energy Precursor Complex boosts the effects of this nourishing cocktail with energizing minerals and vitamins carefully selected to provide visible regeneration and continued improvement in skin’s appearance day after day to maintain skin’s healthy look.

CMAge® complex
Formulated with carefully selected ingredients, CMAge® is the very essence of La Colline beauty care, infusing all of our products with its Hydration, Oxygenation and Protection powers to visibly preserve skin’s youthfulness.

The ritual

  • 1. Gently awaken your skin.

    Start your Cell Recharge ritual with the application of Reset Serum to detoxify and energise your skin. Day after day, your complexion is visibly glowing, beautifully re-awakened, your features visibly relaxed.

  • 2. Regain full energy.

    Following the application of Reset Serum, Energizing Creamprovides the energy and moisture your skin needs. Your face visibly radiates with the look of good health and vitality.